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    EKWB|EK-CryoFuel 新配方 水冷濃縮液(100mL)紅/藍/綠/黃 四色現貨 正規行貨
    EK-CryoFuel 是針對電腦水冷散熱系統的新款革命性水冷液。 EK-CryoFuel系列水冷液的化學穩定性相當高,能夠為水冷狂熱玩家及遊戲玩家提供最佳散熱性能與效率,同時EKWB也特別強調其色彩穩定性。
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    • 水冷液: 水冷液

    EK-CryoFuel是針對電腦水冷散熱系統的新款革命性水冷液。 EK-CryoFuel系列水冷液的化學穩定性相當高,能夠為水冷狂熱玩家及遊戲玩家提供最佳散熱性能與效率,同時EKWB也特別強調其色彩穩定性。  

    EK-CryoFuel水冷液是基於EKWB專利化學配方的水冷液,純淨、無毒的特性,可防止在水冷迴路中產生任何沉澱物。水冷玩家可以放心使用,EK-CryoFuel 水冷液的粘度非常低,不會堵塞或損壞水冷排、水冷頭或其他水冷迴路部分。    


    The EK-CryoFuel is a new revolutionary coolant for PC liquid cooling systems. EK-CryoFuel is the most chemically stable coolant that provides enthusiasts and gamers with the best possible level of performance and thermal efficiency with emphasis on color stability. EK-CryoFuel coolant is a pure, non-toxic coolant based on the patent-pending chemical formula, which prevents the creation of any sediments in the liquid cooling loop. Liquid cooling users can rest assured that the EK-CryoFuel coolant, with its very low viscosity, will not clog or damage their water blocks and other parts of the loop when used with EK-DuraClear or EK-ZMT tubing.

    This 100mL concentrate is to be mixed with distilled water in ratio 1:9 to form 1L of ready-to-use coolant. 

    EK-CryoFuel also contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in computer liquid cooling systems. It has been tested in accordance with BS5117 (ASTM D1384) and found to meet corrosion standards for copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. This coolant also contains scale and biological inhibitors to help prevent fouling – thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency.

    All EK-CryoFuel mixtures are biodegradable (90% in a period of 10 days) and will not remain in the environment or cause any bioaccumulation. EK-CryoFuel offers a 2-year shelf life from date of bottling.

    Designed specifically for computer liquid cooling systems, we found our inspiration for CryoFuel in cryogenic fuels that are used at extremely low temperatures to operate in space machinery.

    - Low electrical conductivity
    - Biological growth inhibition
    - Corrosion protection according to BS5117 (ASTM D1384) standards
    - High quality concentrated pigments for intense, vivid and saturated colors
    - Compatible with Acrylic, PETG, POM Acetal, rubber (NBR, EPDM, and Norprene) materials
    - Eco-friendly (90% biodegradable in 10 days)
    - RoHS compliant
    - 2-year shelf time after bottling

    Technical data:
    Color: Lime Yellow、Navy Blue、Blood Red、Acid Green 
    Content: 100 mL
    Electrical Conductivity (mS/cm): 1,04 ±10%
    UV Reactive: Yes
    Neutral pH: 6 - 8
    Decomposition temperature: >65°C (>150°F)*
    Recommended use temperature range: 5- to 60°C (40- to 140°F)

    *Decomposition temperature is the temperature threshold at which the breakdown of individual components (dye, preservatives) in the solution may start to occur. Moreover, liquid vaporization starts to occur at this temperature.


    Made in Slovenia - Europe!


    • Make sure to use high purity distilled water to dilute the concentrate!
    • Rinse the loop to flush out impurities and old coolant residue prior to filling it with EK-CryoFuel!
    • Do not mix or top off with any other liquid other than EK-CryoFuel!
    • Do not add any biocides to EK-CryoFuel as the product already includes such additives! Failure to do so might result in dye and coolant breakdown.
    • For added color stability, EK strongly recommends that you don't flush your loop with harsh chemicals, vinegar etc. prior to the use of EK-CryoFuel.
    • We recommend replacing the liquids every 12 months for best performance!
    • Not compatible with Mayhems Blitz cleaning solution!
    • Shake before use!